Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Homemade Compost Recipes

Making A Good Compost.
It is very easy and straight forward to make your own potting compost.
 I only use my potting compost on the nursery and in my garden....So what will you need...Firstly you can make this compost in small or large amounts.

 I will give you the recipe for a small ammount on here as it will be easy for you to make bigger quantities by doubling up the amount of each item for the amount of compost which you want to make.

  1. 10 Litres of general Multi-purpose compost.
  2. 1/2 Litre of Horticultural Sand
  3. 1/2 Litre of Fine Horticultural Grit
  4. 1 Litres of Perlite
  5. 1 sachet of Water Retaing Gel ready mixed
  6. A 10 litre pot and a 1 Litre pot a watering can with 2litres of water (warm)
  7. Large Black Bucket.
  8. Trowel for mixing.
  • Place the bucket somewhere flat and at a height where you can mix the compost well.
  • Make up the Water retaining gel in a seperate bucket..
  • Measeure out the Multi-purpose compost  put in the bucket.
  • Measure out the Sand and Grit place in the bucket.
  • Measure out the Perlite and place in the bucket.
  • Mix all ingredients well with the trowel then add then water retaining gel and mix that in very well.
You can use this compost for potting up and re-potting your plants it's very good in hanging baskets too.
The compost is also good for growing your vegetable in but you will need to add some slow realease fertiliser to the mix for growing your vegetable in it...

For sowing seeds I just use the compost and perlite and sand mix these well together and use it to fill up your seed trays or pots and remember to water before you place the seeds in the pot....

I will post a few more compost recipes on here at a later date...Lady Sarah.

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  1. Tuesday 15th March.

    I know you can buy lots of different types of composts, but you will find that you get much better results from making your own compost for potting and growing seeds...

    Remember to make compost for the vegetable beds by rotting down all your grass cuttings and leaves and cardboard egg boxe and shreaded paper and shreaded newspaper, and remember to put all these componants in layers not all together as this will take ages to rot down.. If you put all the componants in layers alternate paper and cardbord with grass and paper etc...keep well covered...and check that the mixture is quite moist but not it will smell really nasty...You can add vegetable leaves and eggshells broken up to your compost and autumn can also collect fallen leaves and bag them up for 6 months and then they can be spread on your vegetable plots to add nutrients to your soil...Lady Sarah.