Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help 4 Heros Event

There will be a Help 4 Heros family fun day taking place on Saturday 11th June 2011 at  Sandbach Boys School , Sandbach Cheshire UK. from 10 am until 4pm.
All our very welcome to attend adn The Back Garden Nursery will be there ....
So I do hope that you will be able to come along and join us for a hour or so and help us raise funds for a great course...There will be a childrens fair and lots of different stalls including ours...We might be getting a helicopter to fly in this year and there will be a few tanks and army vecihles there too...

So come along and have a fun day out ...
Many thanks to you all...Lady Sarah Thompson.


  1. Wednesday 11th May.

    Well the countdown is on for our Help 4 Heros event which is taking place on Saturday 11th June.

    It's now going to be held at Sandbach Community Primary school... start at 10am running through to 4pm... There will be a helicopter coming for the day and lots of stalls.. and a childrens fair... and of course my nursery stall and a help 4 heros stall too with lots of goodies to help raise funds....

    So I hope that one or two of you might just come along and see us there... there will be lote of vegetable plants and summer flower for sale and I will be taking along some of our planters and tubs for displaying... Lady Sarah.

  2. Saturday 14th May.

    The event has had a venue change, it now be at Sandbach Community Primary School same date 11th June 2011... it will start around 11am and finsh around 6pm...

    There's load to do and see and hopefully weather permitting we'll have and raf helicopter joining us for the day, as well as military vehicles, lots of stalls the army and navy will be attending too... So come along and join us for a great day out... Hope to see you there... Lady Sarah.

  3. Tuesday 17th May.

    I have decided today that I will be doing a few demonstrations throughout the day of potting up tubs,troughs and baskets. I might even do a short gardener's question time in the afternoon, but I'll have to see how busy it is first...

    Anyway I am really looking forward to the event... and I really like being busy and getting everything ready. I will be taking some general gardeing products with me too, labels, warer retaining gel, string, pots, hanging basket liners... And probaly loads more items too...Lady Sarah.